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Are you experiencing chronic pain?

I combine brain based fitness, breath work, therapeutic yoga asana, corrective exercise, & meditation techniques to get you moving pain free and at your best. Chronic pain is often caused by a combination of different factors including: deconditioned muscles, lack of movement, inefficient breathing, postural issues, an acute injury that has healed, but is poorly mapped, stress of all kinds (including relationships & over exercise), hormonal issues, a dissonance of higher order systems, and more depending on your unique set of circumstances.

It is my mission to support you in eliminating chronic pain so that you can return to the things you love to do with new insight on managing stressors to reduce the risk of reinjury.


"Krista has been one of the best private instructors I have had. I injured my lower back in the gym and couldn't go back to working out. Krista designed a program around me and my injury. She was very patient and a great teacher. I have made tremendous progress in core strength and confidence. I highly recommend her!" 

Dinesh J

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Frustrated with large studio/gym settings with little to no personal support? 

“Practice the right things for YOU and all is coming”

When you take a public yoga class or general fitness class especially with more than fifteen people in it— the practice is a one size fits all sequence; no matter how thorough the teacher is. 

IF you don’t know what works for you, you may be practicing the wrong thing over and over again and actually getting worse.  

This is where I can help, I combine brain based drills, yoga and strength training to help you truly prepare for more challenging movements in your body.  We constantly assess and reassess everything we do; this way we always know what is working for you, and what needs working on!

I want to lose weight...

Safe & sustainable weight loss relies on many factors other than eating and physical activity habits. Family history, stress, hormones, age, sleep habits & more can affect your ability to lose weight.   

How I can help... 


I focus on helping you to create better habits, like breathing well, moving athletically, finding new physical activities to love (like yoga, strength training, running or swimming) & learning to create space for workouts as self care so that managing a healthy weight is a life long endeavor! I try to focus on getting you stronger, more mobile,& feeling fabulous in your skin so that changing body 

composition can be a happy byproduct of a sustainable new perspective. 


"Krista is a knowledgeable and attentive teacher, who has a lovely capacity to create community. Even in larger classes, she offers individualized instruction that has helped me to build strength and confidence. It's not unusual for Krista to make (with a straight face) statements like "I was thinking about your hamstrings this weekend ..." and then provide specific suggestions about how to further develop my practice. My only reluctance in writing this review is that I may need to share her with you."

Susan L.

Your Investment: 

In person (1hr) Private Session 

(single person)

Single Session: $125

4 Pack: $425

8 pack: $800

Zoom Session (60min)

Single Session: Starting at $80

4 Pack: $288

TrainWithMe App

Monthly: $60-120

Free assessment & evaluation of goals + health history 

Free assessment & evaluation of goals + health history 

Personalized program +weekly homework 

Train in the comfort of your home or apartment gym

In studio options 

Free access to TWM app if you train 2x per week! 

Free assessment & evaluation of goals + health history 

Free assessment & evaluation of goals + health history 

Personalized program +weekly homework 

Train in the comfort of your home or apartment gym

Access to discounts on TWM app 

Free online assessment & evaluation of goals + health history 

Personalized program up to 5 days a week

In app video library of workouts 

Free Zoom call monthly for Premium members

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Rates are starting points & subject to change based on session frequency, studio rental fees, & travel time. 

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