"Krista has been one of the best private instructors I have had. I injured my lower back in the gym and couldn't go back to working out. Krista designed a program around me and my injury. She was very patient and a great teacher. I have made tremendous progress in core strength and confidence. I highly recommend her!" 

Dinesh J


During this frightening, and unprecedented global situation… I find the actions of solidarity and practice help me feel more grounded amidst the chaos. Most of us are stuck at home and could use a sense of community, novel movement, breath work and meditation (even if it’s remotely) to manage the emotional storm that this situation may be creating. Below I have created some significantly discounted options for practice. I am eternally grateful for your support and when this is all over I will be hosting a few free in person Yoga classes (as well as free remote offerings) as an extra thank you for your continued support and commitment to practice during these challenging times <3 <3 <3 

Private Session (60min)

Single Session: NOW: $55

4 Pack: $187

Max 2 people

Small Group Session (60min)

Single Session: NOW: $35

4 Pack: $119

Max 5 people

Private sessions can be held via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime and are the most personalized experience. You will receive a 30 minute free consultation where we will discuss history, and goals, and take a physical assessment. You will receive a customized program covering skills, strength, mobility, movement reeducation and breath work to help you meet your goals. 


Group sessions will be held via Zoom and will also be more personalized than larger group remote offerings.  I will assess your movement patterns, and make recommendations accordingly. We have the option of group challenges and working towards goals together and it will be a lot of fun to inspire each other! 

"Krista is a knowledgeable and attentive teacher, who has a lovely capacity to create community. Even in larger classes, she offers individualized instruction that has helped me to build strength and confidence. It's not unusual for Krista to make (with a straight face) statements like "I was thinking about your hamstrings this weekend ..." and then provide specific suggestions about how to further develop my practice. My only reluctance in writing this review is that I may need to share her with you."

Susan L.

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