About Me


Krista Quinn

Yoga for Low Back Specialist and Movement Re educator

Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Krista Quinn! I am a Boston-based Yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and ZHealth practitioner; and I absolutely love what I do.  My journey into health and wellness started from a very young age as I was always athletically inclined, excelling at most sports and always moving in some way or another.  Fortunately and unfortunately in my early twenties, I had what MRI imaging showed to be a herniated disc and was in constant pain for nearly two years before having a laminectomy at the “too” young age of 22.  While my surgery did provide several years of relief, I’ve been in a constant state of managing chronic pain, maintaining functional strength, & sustaining a healthy weight since my initial injury; AND have been in every PT, chiropractic, & massage office imaginable soaking up every grain of knowledge on this healing journey.  It is because of this journey that I am so passionate about helping clients heal, maintain strength, and make time for their health!

 Yoga provided me an initial blue print for holistic wellness and helped me and still helps me to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelming emotions.  The practice also supported me in rehabbing post op, tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system, and in learning to connect movement and breathing. It also provides a beautiful sense of novelty and intention with the options for flowing, arm balancing and challenge poses.

Functional training and corrective exercise helped me to find more stability in life and in practice and supported me in diversifying my training so that I could minimize injury and explore new options to facilitate movements and shapes I wanted to accomplish. 

But the true integrator of all of this information, and training with the longest lasting results for pain management and performance has come from working with KruseElite and learning the ZHealth method (applied neuroscience + training).  Everything we do originates and is processed in the brain and so a method that focuses on wins for the nervous system means pain is reduced, performance is improved, but more significant still —that every other modality is elevated and gets even better results.  Since working within this system I have made incredible progress and continue to improve daily.  It is so important to me to share this work with anyone who is committed to creating a better relationship with their body, and move through life with authentic expression.  .  ​