My name is Krista Quinn and I am a movement reeducation coach, structural yoga therapist that specializes in designing programs as UNIQUE as you are to help you reach your goals sustainably.  

I support you in: 


Improving posture and body awareness 

Reducing or eliminating chronic pain

Decreasing stress & balancing the nervous system

Approaching challenging Yoga asana in innovative ways 

Increasing strength & functional mobility

Achieving healthy lifestyle goals  


Krista's teaching has reignited my love of Yoga.  Her classes are playful, challenging, and unique. She always has an interesting spin to offer and puts a lot of energy into individualizing her classes which allows students to progress quickly. She is very knowledgeable about the body and worked closely with me to heal a back injury. I can't say enough Krista is a gem in the Yoga world! ~Amy L.

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