Move to Heal Low Back Pain 

      Target your unique pain signature and overcome chronic low back pain

In this live series, YOU WILL:

Gain a fundamental understanding of how chronic low back pain works in the nervous system 


Learn sensory, breath, gait, balance, and mobility assessments 


Learn high pay off drills to bring your system into balance and get you moving optimally 


Balance midline structures including vision and vestibular systems 


Explore the pelvic floor and hormonal links to chronic low back pain 


Explore supplemental therapeutic tools to support your healing 


Receive guidance, feedback, and support during 1hr LIVE sessions weekly 


Receive recorded versions of our sessions 


Access to LIVE Q&A weekly!


I know that the pain cycle feels impossible to get out of. Once you are caught in it, all you want is to do is make the pain go away, fix it, feel like yourself again, and move in the ways that you used to PAIN FREE.   I know exactly how you feel because I experienced years of chronic low back pain and tried countless interventions including surgery, physical therapy, pain meds, chiropractic, massage therapy… LITERALLY EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked until I found a brain based movement coach to target my unique pain signature and nervous system. 


I am here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to heal your chronic low back pain, with the right tools, the right support, willingness to expand the way you perceive pain in the body, and dedication to the process.  

I’ve created this LIVE 3 month series to help you sift through the noise of chronic low back pain and gain a greater understanding of what therapeutic tools and movement drills you need to break out of the pain cycle. 


Each week we will have a brief discussion of a new topic, then get right into learning and assessing exercises and high pay off drills for your toolbox.  We will always end with a Q&A and have weekly homework assignments.


We love Krista! She cares about us and tries to make the class as adaptive as possible based on our needs that day or our future goals. She understands body mechanics and the exact postures/stretching exercises to help us feel better. My husband suffered from low back pain for years and went through PT, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic... Only yoga once a week with Krista really helped him to recover! So glad I found her! ~Ethel B.

Live Course Content: 



Week 1: Creating your toolbox, Breath & Balance Assessments


Week 2: Threat Bucket, Sensory Assessments



Week 3: Intention Setting, Joint Mobility 1  


Week 4: Midline Structures, Joint Mob 2 



Week 5:  Creating a Win Jar, Pelvic Floor, Breath 1  



Week 6: The eyes and the spine 1 + Functional CORE 1



Week 7: The eyes and the spine 2 +Functional CORE 1



Week 8: The Cerebellum + Vestibular system 



Week 9: Nerve Glides + Breath 2  



Week 10: Functional CORE 2 



Week 11: Special topics, Low back Flow 



Week 12: Putting it all together, Low back Flow 

If you resonated with any of this, I am really excited to roll out this transformational 3 month program for the super accessible price of  $347 and would be honored to support you on your healing journey.  


"I'd been living with chronic lower back pain for years due to a computer-centric life and poor posture until Krista and I teamed up to address my pain. I had trouble walking 1/4 mile to the coffee shop on the corner at the start but by tracking progress and creating achievable goals, it's been inspiring to see my progress improve over time. My walk distance without pain has been increasing, with occasional setbacks but an overall steady improvement. Recently I was able to do a 2.7 mile hike without pain, a milestone that seemed distant and unachievable before I changed my mindset and decided to build strength and resilience thanks to Krista!" ~Alex S. 

Why should you work with me?  

I have overcome years of chronic pain, and worked with countless therapists and movement practitioners; I am also a Structural Yoga Therapist specializing in low back pain and Movement ReEducation and have worked with clients for nearly a decade to help them reach their goals and overcome chronic pain.


I use a brain-based approach, which is an out of the box approach that utilizes wins for your nervous system to change pain outcomes. Exercises and drills are chosen specifically for you based on your personal history and assessment feedback. 


I understand what it's like to feel limited by chronic pain, and will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of your issue and get you moving optimally and pain-free.       



How do I know if this is right for me?

1) You've gotten MRI imaging and show no injury to the spine, yet still have chronic low back pain. 


*If you've gotten MRI imaging and shown a herniation, please schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you.  

2) You've tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked and you are ready to try an out of the box approach.  

3) The more you move, the better you feel! 


How do I break out of the pain cycle?

The first step is to understand that chronic pain can be a signal from the nervous system that something in the system is under threat.  This may or may not be linked to site of pain.   When we diminish threat to the nervous system, the nervous system rewards us with optimal performance and minimized pain.  This is the key to setting the foundation for functional movement, and strength building. In this course we will find exercises and drills that reduce threat in your system FIRST... THEN... focus on strength building once your body is ready for it. 

How is this different from traditional Yoga or Physical Therapy?

One of the main aspects that sets this system apart, is the rigorous assessment and reassessment process.  We assess every single movement, exercise, and drill using gait, range of motion, and strength tests, and only use those that yield a positive result in your system re improved gait, increased ROM, or improved strength.  These results happen immediately when we pick the appropriate drill or stack of drills for the individual.  Through this lens, yoga poses, strength building exercises, breath work, or even eye drills become tools that we can assess to find what's right FOR YOU.  For more info on the process click here 

What are high pay off drills?

High pay off drills are exercises, movements, therapeutic tools that assess well. Meaning a win for your nervous system re improved gait, ROM, strength or diminished pain!  In this course we will assess everything that we do to find the right movements for YOU.  For more info on the process click here 


How often do we meet?

We will meet for a 1hr LIVE virtual group session weekly via Zoom.  We will have a brief check in and topic discussion and then move right into assessments, troubleshooting, and learning drills.  

Are payment plans available?

This course is priced at the super accessible group rate of $347.00 for 3 months of weekly live sessions (a little more than 25 dollars per session).  Because of this there are no payment plans available.